Business Support

Dealing with business in a foreign country can be a daunting task.

Who is going to make sure everything goes right on the ground, on time and on budget?

Strategic Staffing Solutions International is your partner to make that happen. We’ve found our clients are looking for end-to-end services that they can turn a key and get off to the races on going for their business objectives, and we’ve done it for some of the biggest names in multiple industries.

To that end, we offer a complete suite of services to businesses looking to locate in Europe, and we have the experience to deliver.

Need to set up offices? We have you covered. From acquiring the space and technology to installing and servicing it, S3I will make sure your team has all of the tools and location they need. We also have relationships and knowledge of the local government to see if any of it is a fit for the numerous incentive packages available, especially in Baltic states.

Looking to access to talent? Our government and university relations allow for access to the best and brightest the Baltics have to offer,with outreach tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

Want to make a splash? Our event management services are your ticket. Ribbon cuttings, dealing with local media, public relations and other offerings that are crucial to getting the word out about your new investment are a strength of ours in this market.

Need to get business intelligence or an overview of the European market? Through our management consulting services, our business acumen and experience dealing with Europe can be put to work for you. We can assess what counties and where within them as well as when would be the best time to make investments to meet your business objectives. We also can do and have done pilot projects that minimize your risk and maximize your benefit.

Looking for a turnkey solution to open the door to Europe for your business? Our facility transition services help not only you get a beachhead in a new market, but we can then help transition you to a larger facility to meet your growing needs. We’ve leased buildings, hired the initial people, set up the technology.. and then, when it’s time, we can hand off the keys to you and you’re already in motion in your market of choice.

Contact us. We’re here to help.