Candidate Screening

Take the risk out of hiring in Europe and utilize S3I’s cost-effective and fast pre-employment candidate screening service.

Depending on your requirements, we can have an 11, 13 and/or custom pre-employment and document check process to ensure your candidates are compliant and mitigate your hiring and onboarding risks in Europe.

We can do criminal background checks (including Interpol warrants), reference checks, as well as are always fully compliant with European Union (EU) and the hiring laws of individual countries.

Not to mention, we’ve ramped up hundreds of employees in a short amount of time, so we know how to deliver these quickly and efficiently.

Some of the items we can check for include but are not limited to:

  • ID and Identity Verification (for identity documents and passports)
  • Criminal background checks (through their local country jurisdiction or embassy)
  • Credit checks (including bankruptcy and international checks)
  • Address verification (do they live where they say they do)
  • International sanctions check (are they sanctioned by any entity)
  • Career verification (3 years for low risk with gaps greater than 30 days filled)
  • Academic qualifications (does your candidate have their state qualifications including Bachelor and Master’s degrees, PHDs and  MBAs)

Our service is fast, affordable and a great investment for your company. Get in touch and we’ll help you take the headaches out of hiring.