The Staffing Stream: The Solution Is Usually Right in Front of Us

Our own Denise Kurowski was recently featured in The Staffing Stream, the blog of Staffing Industry Analysts. She focused on the idea that the solution is usually right in front of us. Here’s an excerpt:

The solution is usually sitting right in front of us.” Our CEO, Cynthia Pasky, says this to us all the time, and she’s right.

Sometimes, we MSP providers forget that the typical answer doesn’t always have to be our answer. Sometimes, the best answer to a business problem is the less obvious answer, the one staring us in the face if we pause to look. This is the case when it comes to procuring a provider for a small to midsize project.

As an MSP, we know in our gut that the “big boys” may over-charge or over-scope these projects. They also tend to over-formalize the PM process, managing them to death. But we sure won’t get hassled for making that recommendation.

So, passing on the obvious answer, who’s right in front of us? Our professional staffing suppliers. The companies we know and count on that are loyal and dedicated to our customer, and deliver day after day. Wait – hear me out!

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