The Staffing Stream: The Solution Is Usually Right in Front of Us

Our own Denise Kurowski was recently featured in The Staffing Stream, the blog of Staffing Industry Analysts. She focused on the idea that the solution is usually right in front of us. Here’s an excerpt:

The solution is usually sitting right in front of us.” Our CEO, Cynthia Pasky, says this to us all the time, and she’s right.

Sometimes, we MSP providers forget that the typical answer doesn’t always have to be our answer. Sometimes, the best answer to a business problem is the less obvious answer, the one staring us in the face if we pause to look. This is the case when it comes to procuring a provider for a small to midsize project.

As an MSP, we know in our gut that the “big boys” may over-charge or over-scope these projects. They also tend to over-formalize the PM process, managing them to death. But we sure won’t get hassled for making that recommendation.

So, passing on the obvious answer, who’s right in front of us? Our professional staffing suppliers. The companies we know and count on that are loyal and dedicated to our customer, and deliver day after day. Wait – hear me out!

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Jeff Nelson Featured In Staffing Stream

Who moved my labor arbitrage to Lithuania?

Stable wage costs and skilled talent are driving more and more companies to near-shore or outsource teams throughout Eastern Europe, writes Jeff Nelson in a new Staffing Stream post. Nelson, VP of Strategic Staffing Solutions, discusses why his company’s clients are hiring inside Lithuania.

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Cindy Pasky Awarded For Investing And Promoting Lithuania

Recently, Cindy Pasky was awarded the Global Lithuanian Leaders Award for her involvement in investing and promoting Lithuania.

Below, you’ll find a video produced that highlights some of the accomplishments of Strategic Staffing Solutions International since it opened in the country in 1999.

Here’s a translation of the voiceover of the video as well as the video, as the narrator is speaking in Lithuanian.

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2013 – Cynthia J. Pasky For Investment Attraction

For the promotion and formation of a positive image of Lithuania to potential investors to set up representative offices in Lithuania and starting up her own company, Strategic Staffing Solutions International, in Kaunas in 1999. After assembling several advertising programs it did not take her long to prove to the foreign investment companies that Lithuania has it all. Smart people, a growing economy, quality education, arts and a super location.

There are many success stories. Their 1000+ jobs brought back from overseas helped talented Lithuanians.

Cindy, along with President Valdas Adamkus and the US Ambassador, and her supported initiative of the ExCEL program, enable 10-plus high school kids from Lithuania to come to the best schools in the US to study for one school year.

For enriching Lithuania with foreign investment and good experiences, we thank & award Cynthia Pasky, Strategic Staffing Solutions founder, president and CEO.

Strategic Staffing Solutions Opens Office in Latvia

Riga, LatviaDETROIT – Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3), a global IT and business services company, has opened an office in Riga, Latvia, to service its customers in the region and expand its growth in Europe.

The new office is located at Torna iela 4, Riga, LV-1050. Mantas Paskevicius, country manager in Lithuania, and Jeff Nelson, S3 vice president located in Richmond, VA, will oversee the operation.

S3 has staffed the office with local talent and support from Lithuania.

“Our customers have asked us to expand our capabilities in Eastern Europe and Latvia is a perfect place for S3 to grow in that part of the world,” said Denise Kurowski, executive vice president and lead executive on the Eastern Europe project. “It gives us an important base to enhance our services and grow our business with current and potential customers in the region.”

Latvia has emerged as a regional financial and commercial center in the Baltic Sea region and became part of the European Union in 2004, which are key elements in its future expansion.
It growth in the financial and commercial services sectors dovetails with the industries S3 serves.

”We believe in getting in on the ground floor of new opportunities and Latvia is absolutely one of those opportunities,” Kurowski said. “It is well-positioned to achieve economic stabilization and regain robust levels of economic growth over the next few years. S3 is committed to being part of that progress. Our aim is to provide services and solutions to our current and potential customers in the region so they can continue to develop and produce high profitability goods and services, and create new, well-paying jobs.”

In addition, S3 will seek philanthropic ways to help and enhance the Riga community. Strategic Staffing Solutions values the communities it serves and requires all branch locations to participate in local community activities.